What We Do

Club Nights

Club nights are held on a Wednesday evening 7.30 -10.00pm

  • Many of our members simply come along on club nights to relax, socialise and chat with other members about railways, railway modelling and all kinds of general current topics.
  • Running on the test tracks (the photograph shows the test tracks)
  • A major activity on club nights is building the club layouts (see below)
  • We also have occasional technical demonstrations where members bring along their equipment and give a talk and/or hands on demonstration. We recently had a weathering demonstration.

Other times at the club house
Any group of members (providing it includes a key holder) can arrange to attend the clubhouse at any time during the week. Such groups typically work on building the club layouts (see below) or sorting and pricing items for our shop.

Preparations for our exhibition
The major event in our calendar is the annual club exhibition held at the end of October every year. We have a group of members organising and arranging the exhibition (they always welcome more help) and on the day everyone chips in to set it up (and at the end of the day to take it down.)

Attending other exhibitions
For many of the major model railway exhibitions a group of members arrange to attend and travel together usually by rail. Exhibitions attended in recent years include Stevenage and NEC.

We always have a bash at Christmas, huge fun, great atmosphere, loads of laughter – also includes raffles and quizzes – sometimes even Railway related!

Into the Future
Being a Charity based organisation, the club depends on funding, grants and generosity from people like you, the General Public, in the form of donated scale railway items, be it rolling stock, buildings or accessories that we can sell through our shop to generate the much needed income.
If you would like to make a cash donation to help secure the Club’s future, please contact the Trustees on Newhavendmrc@gmail.com or leave a message on our contacts page
Thank you

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